Our vision is simple….to disrupt the markets with an innovative, functional, FUN new patent pending cloth design for multiple uses with a simple pull of the tabs.

for branding and
promotional giveaways

Business and marketing professionals look for new ways to stand out from the competition.

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for Catering and events

Y- KNOT, is easy and economical to customize for your special day or event.

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For Custom Printing

If you’re a custom printing company Y- KNOT is a must have.

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For Novelty Stores

As a novelty store, you want to offer something new and unique for every occasion.

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How to use


Hold Tabs


Pull Strings All
The Way Out


Fasten Or Tie
While Off Neck


Loop Over Neck
Pull Red Markers To
Adjust Size On Neck


Undo And Pull On
Red Markers


Back To
A Napkin!

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