Our vision is simple….to disrupt the markets with an innovative, functional, FUN new patent pending cloth design for multiple uses with a simple pull of the tabs.

Y-KNOT is NOT a bib. Y-KNOT’s design is a napkin, towel or furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping cloth) with an innovative feature which gives the user several options on how to use it; on your lap OR around your neck (protecting your clothes) OR waving it to cheer your team OR as a furoshiki to wrap gifts or your bento box. Y-KNOT is a blank canvas that can be easily customized with literally any image for a great gift; personal or corporate……let your imagination soar. Y-KNOT is eco-friendly and will be used over and over again!

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Like every great invention, Y- KNOT, was invented through necessity.

Y-KNOT’s original concept was designed by Muncie Reitknecht of Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. Muncie was attending a wedding and noticed the woman sitting next to her changed her blouse before dinner. Muncie asked why and the woman said it was a very expensive designer blouse (that probably cost more than the wedding!) and didn't want to spill anything on it. Muncie’s creative juices began to flow. Muncie, a clothing designer, (and attended Parsons School of Design) saw a need and created; Y-KNOT. To bring her concept to the market, Muncie partnered with Patricia A Kennedy, a seasoned professional with a successful track record working with start up companies, to be CEO and run the Company.

The possibilities are endless; let your imagination soar with Y-KNOT and HAVE FUN!

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